Facade Profiles

Our REAL FACADE façade timber is divided according to the species. You will find the most commonly used wood species spruce in many profile options. Siberian larch is one of the most valuable and durable species among coniferous woods. The resin contains repels water as a natural impregnation and protects the wood from fungal attacks. Larch has similar properties but has a much higher percentage of knots and thinner wood. This type of larch is harvested in the Jeseníky foothills and parts of Silesia - in the Bruntál, Krnov, and Opava regions. REAL FACADE facade profiles made of Thermo pine wood are a popular material due to their dimensional stability. Thermo wood is dimensionally stable, durable, and completely ecological wood with increased resistance to biological pests, and our REAL FACADE facade profiles are made from pine harvested in Finland.

The Thermo wood we supply is produced using the WTT method, which uses a heat treatment of the wood at 180°C. REAL FACADE Red cedar is supplied in "clear" grading, which is a very clean grading. Cedarwood has been highly valued since ancient times. It contains resin, which gives it its characteristic scent. Dark Red Meranti is found in Southwest Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia, where it thrives in tropical lowland rainforests and lower montane areas.

Dry wood density varies between 560 - 860 kg/m3 depending on the fineness of the years/ring width. Dark Red Meranti is characterized by a uniform texture that is lightly figured. When dry, this wood is well dimensionally stable, easy and clean to work, has a uniformly smooth surface, and can be well surface treated.