Ash trees are medium to large trees. The family contains between 45 and 65 species. Some of them are

Dimensions  20x115, 20x140mm
Profile Smooth/Smooth (clip), Grooved/Smooth (clip)
Grade Select
Origin Czech
Wood density approx. 580 kg/m3
Kiln-dried Max 10%

Benefits of Thermo Ash

  • Heat treatment improves durability, stability, color, weight and more!
  • The durability of pine is increased by up to 15 years if you use heat treatment.
  • Due to the thermal treatment, pine has less warping caused by moisture, reduces water absorption and improves the dimensional stability of the wood.
  • The heat treatment gives a beautiful golden brown shade.
  • During heat treatment, the physical and chemical properties of the wood change.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of heat-treated wood is up to 30% better than natural wood.
  • Thermally treated wood has a lower weight and density.
  • No chemicals are used in the heat treatment process.

Thermo Ash Decking Origin

Our Thermo Ash comes from the forests of Finland and exudes natural strength and character, embodying the unique qualities of this Nordic region.

Thermo Ash Decking Description

Ash is a hardwood with many grains and features an aesthetic look with its wavy texture. These features make Ash Decking a multi-purpose, aesthetic and durable material. Its excellent dimensional stability, beautiful grain structure, attractive brown color and technical features add value to the spaces and ensure optimum results.
It is a durable and stable material, and it is suitable for outdoor use.
It's the ideal choice for those who truly care about the environment and wish to reduce their ecological footprint.
Wood's physical and chemical properties change during thermal modification. When it's heated, the wood releases moisture and its chemical composition is transformed.

Thermo Ash Decking Processing

The thermal modification gives Thermo Ash a beautiful golden-brown tone. In addition to being durable, our thermally modified Thermo Ash is environmentally friendly, as the thermal modification process is chemical-free and no harmful waste is generated. Thanks to the heat treatment, they improve ash's properties, and, thanks to that, it has a longer service life, acoustic properties and greater dimensional stability. It is lighter and therefore prevents possible problems. Thermo wood supplied by us is produced by the WTT method, which uses heat treatment of wood at 180° C.

Dimensions and processing:

20 x 115mm Clip - Smooth/Smooth
20 x 140 mm - Smooth/Smooth
20 x 140mm Clip - Smooth/Smooth
20 x 140mm Clip - Grooved/Smooth