Terraces are not just the decking you walk on, but also the decking joists, adjustable feet and fixing screws.

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Exotic woods

Exotic woods

Exotic hardwoods can withstand the highest loads due to their high density.

Wood contains substances that make it more durable. Depending on the type of wood, this may include tannic acid (some hardwoods) or other substances. The knots, warping and grain pattern also guarantee the authenticity of the wood. The number and size of the knots may vary from species to species.

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Coniferous and thermo wood

Coniferous and thermo wood

Selected wood types can easily withstand outdoor use thanks to their properties.

Wood contains substances that make it durable. These may be resins (softwoods), tannic acid (some hardwoods) or other substances, depending on the type of wood. The authenticity of the wood is also guaranteed by the knots, peeling and veining patterns. The number and size of the knots can vary from species to species. They give the wood its vibrancy and character.

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Under construction and base feet for wooden decks

Under construction and base feet for wooden decks

Alfa & Omega substructures are perfect for patios.
In this section you will find high quality solutions for all types of surfaces!
Without a perfect foundation, your terrace will quickly deteriorate. We offer you a range of products that will allow you to keep your terrace in good condition for a long time to come.

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Fasteners for decking

Fasteners for decking

The choice of steel for screws and bolts according to their resistance plays a crucial role. What type of wood will you be fixing? Is it softwood or exotic? Is it rich in tannins? What is the hardness and density of the wood, and what dimensional changes does it undergo during radial and tangential drying? All this is important when choosing the right steel for screws and bolts for your decking...

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Wood decking

Exotic and European hardwood for decking. REAL DECK is a product line sourced from quality suppliers and mills in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Finland, Estonia and other countries, offering a comprehensive range of decking materials.

We understand the importance of quality, durability and aesthetics in outdoor decking. Our range includes a variety of hardwoods and softwoods, each with unique characteristics and benefits. From the popular Bangkirai - Yellow Balau to the exotic Ipe and the elegant Western Red Cedar, our collection caters for a wide range of tastes and requirements.

Wood decking - softwoods and exotic hardwoods

Our exotic species include Bangkirai, Massaranduba, Bukit, Merbau, Garapa, Ipe, Cumaru and Teak.

The conifer range includes Siberian Larch, PineCzech Larch, Thermo PineThermo Ash, Western Red Cedar and Pressure Treated Pine with Brown Bochemit Impregnation.

With different widths, thicknesses, finishes and treatments, REAL DECK wooden decking offers you more than 30 combinations to choose from. We also supply the joining material - the terrace is not just the boards you walk on, but also the joists, adjustable feet and fixing screws.


Exotic hardwoods for decking

BANGKIRAI - YELLOW BALAU Decking: Known for its durability and rich, yellowish-reddish brown colour. Yellow Balau is a tropical timber commonly used for outdoor decking, ideal for a long-lasting deck. 

MERBAU Decking: Offers a striking appearance with its dark grey to deep red-brown colour and excellent durability. Merbau resembles teak wood in properties, but it is much harder. It resembles Palisander in hardness.

IPE Decking: One of the hardest woods available, Ipe is incredibly durable and rot-resistant, making it a premium choice for decking. The colour of ipe heartwood is a rich brown with red and amber hues and varies considerably from board to board. The grain of Ipe decking is extremely dense and tight. It has visible cathedral arches and contrasting grain patterns throughout the wood.

Massaranduba Decking: Often chosen for its beautiful reddish-brown colour and fine grain, it's both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Massaranduba is similar to ipe in many ways and is often used interchangeably with Ipe.

BUKIT - Dark Red Meranti decking: Offers a unique look with its dark red colour with typical white resin streaks. Wood is tough and has a long service life thanks to its high density and the substances it contains. It combines beauty with strength and durability.

Garapa Decking: Known for its golden to yellowish colour, Garapa is a durable and weather resistant option. It's beautiful golden hues give your deck a warm, natural look. Garapa's naturally high density and natural oils make it resistant to insects. One of the most affordable hardwoods available.

Teak Decking: Valued for its elegance and exceptional weather resistance, teak is a top choice for luxury decking. Teak has a medium to dark colour, which helps to hide any stains. It dries slowly and has good strength in use. Teak tolerates the alternation of dry and wet environments and is exceptionally durable, especially in wet environments.

Coniferous woods for decking

Siberian Larch Decking: Offers a unique aesthetic with its light colour and bold grain, and is renowned for its durability and resistance to rot.

Czech Larch Decking: Similar to Siberian Larch, provides a durable and cost effective decking solution.

Thermo Pine Decking: Treated for increased durability and stability, this decking offers a sustainable and aesthetic choice.

Thermo Ash Decking: Features enhanced durability and a beautiful, consistent colour due to the thermal modification process.

Western Red Cedar Decking: Renowned for its natural beauty and resistance to rot, it's a lightweight yet durable option.

Impregnated Pine Decking: Treated for extra durability and longevity, this is an affordable and versatile decking choice.

Soft Pine Decking: A classic and economical option, perfect for those seeking a traditional wood deck.

Why choose our wood decking?

Diverse range

Our extensive collection ensures that you can find the perfect match for your project,
whether you are looking for luxury, durability or affordability.

Global sourcing

We source our wood from sustainable forests around the world, ensuring quality and environmental responsibility.

Expertise and support

Our team offers expert advice to help you choose and maintain the right decking for your needs.

Quality assurance

We stand by the quality of our products, ensuring they meet high standards of durability and performance.

Worldwide delivery

No matter where you are, we can deliver your chosen decking to your doorstep.


Bottom line

Whether you're building a new deck or renovating an existing one, our wood decking collection offers a range of options to suit every style and budget. Explore our selection today and discover the perfect wood to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and inviting retreat.



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