Dimensions  20x90, 20x120mm
Profile Smooth/Smooth
Grade Asian A-Grade
Origin Indonesia
Density 610-690 kg/m3
Kiln-dried 16%

Features of Teak wood

  • Thanks to its darker shade, it can hide possible impurities or damages.
  • It dries slowly and has good stability in use.
  • Teak is very tough and hard wood.
  • It is dimensionally stable.
  • It is highly waterproof.
  • It is easily durable.

Teak origin

Our Teak wood is sourced from Indonesia and is known for its exceptional quality and durability.

Teak Description

The Teak has a medium and dark color, and thanks to that, it can mask possible impurities. It dries slowly and has good stability in use. Therefore, a large amount of moisture is not a problem for this species. Teak wood is also highly resistant to weather conditions and tolerates the alternation of dry and humid environments. Java Teak decking has medium flexural strength, low stiffness and impact toughness, high compressive strength, and moderately suitable bending. Teak java is an exceptional wood, and thanks to its structure, high content of natural oils and silicic acid, it is very dimensionally stable and unusually durable, especially in the wet environment.

So if you like symmetry and beauty like Merbau, we recommend Teak to you as well.

Teak deck Treatment

If you decide not to apply surface finishing, sunlight and water will create a gray patina. An essential component of radiation that affects the graying of wood is UV radiation. Wood molecules absorb this radiation, and when exposed to water, a gray patina forms on the surface and into the depths of the wood. This gray patina will eventually become natural protection against further exposure to UV radiation. In the case of this smooth profile, you can use T-STICK clips or a connecting clamp with a screw for an invisible connection from above for mounting.

Teak decking dimensions and processing:

20 x 120 mm - Smooth/Smooth
20 x 90 mm - Smooth/Smooth