Bukit decking

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Dimensions  18/19/28 x 90/140/145mm
Profile  Smooth/Smooth, Reeded/Smooth, Reeded/Grooved
Grade   Select & better
Origin   Brazil
Density  505 - 850 kg/m3
Kiln-dried 18 - 20%


18 x 140 mm Smooth/Smooth 

19 x 90 mm Reeded/Smooth    

28 x 145 mm Grooved/Reeded 

Features of Dark Red Meranti decking

  • This wood has an almost uniform, flawless and white texture.
  • Thanks to its unique characteristics and especially to its excellent stability, it is one of the best wood species in the world.
  • The wood is very hard and has a long life thanks to its high density and its substances.
  • It has a very low degree of drying.
  • It is resistant to fungi, insects and weather conditions.
  • Dark Red Meranti is a very decorative wood. It comes in many shades.
  • It is very stable and almost unaffected by humidity changes.
  • Color differences between individual boards create a beautiful natural and common look.



Dark Red Meranti (Dark Red Meranti)decking Description

Dark Red Meranti is a tropical hardwood that is used for exterior decking, but you can also find it used as siding.
Dark Red Meranti has a dark reddish or purplish-brown color appearance with white resin streaks typically present.
Dark Red Meranti is characterized by a uniform texture, which is slightly fluted. The grain of Dark Red Meranti has either straight or interlocked and, it has a coarse texture along with a low natural luster. The pore size of Dark Red Meranti has ranged from medium to large sizes.
Wood is tough and has a long durability thanks to its high density and the substances it contains. These oily substances can be washed away by rain during the first phase of exposure to weather conditions.
After drying, this wood is well shaped in shape, easy and clean to process, has an even smooth surface, and can be well surface treated.


Dark Red Meranti decking Origin

Our Dark Red Meranti wood comes from Malaysia and is an example of excellent quality and durability.

Dark Red Meranti decking Treatment

The substances contained can drip on fresh-cut surfaces and therefore cause discoloration on the masonry. Therefore we recommend that all cutting edges be provided with OSMO Cutting Edge Wax. For Dark Red Meranti, it is essential to use non-corrosive fasteners for external structures. After almost six months of exposure to the weather, natural light graying is normal and does not affect quality or durability.


Why choose wooden decking from Au-Mex

  • Selection of proven wood species ensuring 100% quality material
  • Partnerships with the best wood manufacturers worldwide for consistent quality
  • Trained agents in the timber industry who check quality, grading, moisture, etc.
  • Commitment to natural materials and sustainable forest management
  • Positive impact on society, economy, and environment
  • Multiple transportation options for delivery
  • Online shipment tracking for transparency
  • Storage areas adapted to specific wood parameters (Air-conditioned roofed areas)
  • Large stock availability with prompt response to any volume request
  • Efficient stock lengths to minimize cutting
  • Complete system of sophisticated accessories for installation
  • Use of certified timber to avoid destruction of rainforests
  • Incorporation of various certification systems (e.g., PEFC, FSC) for sustainable forest management
  • Promotion of the benefits of wood for body and soul
  • Commitment to educating consumers for informed decisions
  • Emphasis on environmental responsibility and quality craftsmanship as core values of Real DECK
  • decades of experience in Czech and international markets