Dimensions  40 x 140 mm
Profile Smooth/Smooth
Grade Knotty
Origin Canada
Wood density 340 - 460 kg / m3.
Kiln-dried 16-18%

Benefits of Western Red Cedar

  • It is sustainable.
  • It is durable and resistant.
  • It has acoustic and insulating properties.
  • It improves aesthetics.
  • It has an excellent ability to withstand outdoor weather conditions.
  • Western Red Cedar is uncomplicated and easy to care for.
  • It is not necessary to impregnate the wood.
  • On decking, it can be used alternatively without surface treatment (grey platinum or with surface treatment preferably with oil paints).
  • It is a light material, so it is easy to handle and does not strain the construction.
  • Western Red Cedar has a long lifespan.

Western Red Cedar Origin

Our Western Red Cedar comes from the forests of Canada and is a testament to the superior quality of this North American region.

Western Red Cedar Description

After drying, this wood is moderately stable in shape, easy and clean to process, has an even smooth surface, can be well polished and surface treated. Cedarwood was highly valued in ancient times, and it hasn't changed until now.
Due to its natural properties, Western Red Cedar decking resists rot and decay, for example, and is great for use in humid areas.
It is also very flexible and resists deformation due to heat and moisture. Because it is a low-density wood, it has excellent insulating properties.

Western Red Cedar Recommendation

It contains a resin that gives it a characteristic scent. The substances contained can drip on fresh-cut surfaces and therefore cause discoloration on the masonry. Therefore we recommend that all cutting edges be provided with OSMO Cutting Edge Wax. In the case of western red cedar, it is practically essential to use non-corrosive fastening means for external structures. After almost six months of exposure to the weather, natural light graying is normal and does not affect quality or durability.
The color differences between the individual boards are natural. Some color differences can be significant.

Western Red Cedar Finishing

If Western Red Cedar is used indoors, we recommend first applying OSMO Wood Protection 4006 to the wood and then applying two coats of OSMO Transparent Colorless Wax.
If a colorless wood treatment is required for outdoor use, use OSMO UV Colorless Extra Protective Oil. If you want to protect the wood with pigments and at the same time preserve its naturalness as much as possible, use the lightly pigmented coating OSMO UV Protective Oil Color Extra.
If you want to preserve the structure and felting of wood with a requirement for colored rendering with a higher degree of pigmentation, we recommend using OSMO oil stain with eighteen oil shades.

Dimensions and processing:

40 x 140 mm = Smooth/Smooth DECKING - Exotic species