Dimensions  13/19/26x121-196 mm
Profile Classic, Softline, Chalet, Multi Cover, Pure Ratue Strip
Origin Finland
Wood density 400 - 450 kg / m3
Kiln-dried 16-18%

Benefits of Northern Spruce Cladding:

  • It is easy to work with, and it is elastic.
  • Spruce cladding dries quickly.
  • Spruce wood cladding has great high thermal properties.
  • Houses constructed with spruce cladding have a natural ventilation system.
  • It makes the house more breathable due to the constant air exchange that takes place inside.
  • The texture of spruce wooden cladding is more appealing and attractive.
  • Spruce cladding is beneficial as it has better hydro tightness.
  • During rain or moisture, spruce can handle the wet, and it gets wet only on the surface.
  • Spruce cladding is long-lasting, and it's not darkening during the time.

Northern Spruce Origin:

Spruce is one of the most used coniferous trees. Our spruce comes from Scandinavian countries, so its quality is very high.

Northern Spruce Description:

Nordic spruce grows with fine flights. Light yellowish white and knot-rich wood can be easily processed. In addition to the typical lighter knots, black knots or black framed knots and tars also belong to the image of this popular type of wood.

Northern Spruce Finishing:

Spruce cladding is always recommended to be surface treated. This wood requires first protection by impregnation for this wood to be able to withstand external influences. We recommend using OSMO oil-based impregnation Colorless impregnation.
For color rendering and wood protection, we recommend using the OSMO Protective Oil Glaze coating with eig.
If you want to make the wood a rich color shade, then OSMO Rustic color with nineteen shades will come in handy.

19 x 171, 19 x 196 classic  
19 x 121 classic/softline


26/13 x 146 cone