Garapa decking

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Dimensions  21x145, 22x145, 25x145, 19x90mm
Profile Smooth/Smooth, Reeded/Grooved
Grade FAS
Origin Brazil
Density 900 kg/m3
Kiln-dried 14-16%



 - 25 x 145 mm Reeded/Grooved

 - 21 x 145mm Smooth/Smooth

- 19 x 90mm Smooth/Smooth

 - 22 x 145mm Smooth/Smooth

 25 x 145 mm Reeded/Grooved                                                                                21 x 145mm Smooth/Smooth

Garapa wood is a light yellow-brown wood, which is on the surface in the air partially darkens to medium brown colour. Garapa has mostly direct fiberization. The colour differences between the individual boards are natural, but they are not very striking. Wood is strict and has a long life due to high densities and high content of substances contained in wood.
Wood density: approx. 900 kg / m3
Kiln dried at: 18-20%
Processing variant 1:
22 x 140 mm visible side = smooth
Processing variant 2:
25 x 145 mm visible sides both = fine groove / reeded groove

Exceptional quality and durability

Garapa is a high-density, highly durable hardwood ideal for use in exterior structures, including decks, wood siding, wood rain-screen and more. Garapa's beautiful golden tones will give your deck a warm, natural look. Garapa is beautiful, can handle heavy foot traffic, and offers a lighter colored decking material option for your deck. The lower cost of Garapa decking also makes it an affordable choice for a hardwood decking material. Garapa decking is a tough, dense wood with a soft-looking, satiny grain. Garapa wood decking is very strong, hard, and heavy, even though it has a lower density than other hardwoods like Ipe. The naturally high density and natural oils make Garapa resistant to termites and other insect attacks. 

Benefits of Choosing Garapa decking

  • Garapa is one of the most affordable hardwoods available
  • Garapa's golden color has gained popularity in modern architecture
  • Garapa wood's tight water-resistant grain keeps moisture out
  • Garapa is resistant to termites and other insect attacks
  • It is very easy to care for
  • Garapa wood is very strong, hard, and heavy



Recommended expansion joints between boards during installation: 6 - 8 mm

Why choose wooden decking from Au-Mex

  • Selection of proven wood species ensuring 100% quality material
  • Partnerships with the best wood manufacturers worldwide for consistent quality
  • Trained agents in the timber industry who check quality, grading, moisture, etc.
  • Commitment to natural materials and sustainable forest management
  • Positive impact on society, economy, and environment
  • Multiple transportation options for delivery
  • Online shipment tracking for transparency
  • Storage areas adapted to specific wood parameters (Air-conditioned roofed areas)
  • Large stock availability with prompt response to any volume request
  • Efficient stock lengths to minimize cutting
  • Complete system of sophisticated accessories for installation
  • Use of certified timber to avoid destruction of rainforests
  • Incorporation of various certification systems (e.g., PEFC, FSC) for sustainable forest management
  • Promotion of the benefits of wood for body and soul
  • Commitment to educating consumers for informed decisions
  • Emphasis on environmental responsibility and quality craftsmanship as core values of Real DECK
  • decades of experience in Czech and international markets