REALFACADE - the brand for wood cladding

Wood is a natural raw material, renewable, fully recyclable, and, if managed wisely, essentially inexhaustible. Wood cladding has very good thermal insulation properties. It has lower thermal conductivity and significantly higher heat storage. The building, therefore, responds very quickly to the need for heat, even when using small heating capacities. This wooden cladding flooring results in energy and operating cost savings for the building.

As a natural material, REAL FACADE wood facades open up creative and technical possibilities that are difficult to realize with other materials. These wooden facades and the Thermo Spruce decking are incredibly durable and able to bear the effects of severe use.

REAL FACADE wooden facades come from 20 years of proven, reputable, and quality suppliers from the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, and other countries. The range of wood facade profiles consists of a comprehensive range of wood species and profiles suitable for facade cladding. The REAL FACADE brand, therefore, offers timber for wood and dark wood façade cladding from both coniferous and exotic woods. Conifers are represented by Siberian larch, Siberian larch, Thermo pine, Western Red Cedar, Pine, Norway spruce, and spruce from domestic production. Exotic wood for facade cladding is offered in Dark Red Meranti.

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