Aluminium Decking Joints

Under construction and base feet for wooden decks

Alfa & Omega substructures are perfect for patios.
In this section you will find high quality solutions for all types of surfaces!
Without a perfect foundation, your terrace will quickly deteriorate. We offer you a range of products that will allow you to keep your terrace in good condition for a long time to come.


Concrete slabs 30 x 30 x 4 cm can provide a sufficiently stable foundation for the deck. A slight slope of 1-2% will provide adequate drainage. The distance between the concrete slabs should not exceed 50 cm (center of slab to center of slab) and the distance between the rows should not exceed 70 cm (center of slab to center of slab). The substructure should be oversized to resist deformation and to prevent lifting during swelling and shrinkage during the year. Adequate anchoring to the foundation is always required. The distance between the joists should not exceed 40-50 cm (depending on the thickness of the boards). E.g. thickness 21 -22 mm = max. 40 cm and 25 - 28 mm = max. 50 cm. For the wood substructure, only wood of the same or similar density as the supporting wood should be used to ensure uniform swelling and shrinkage.

Aluminum profiles are one of the alternatives to wooden deck substructure. Compared to wooden substructures, the profile is completely dimensionally stable and straight. Cracks, warping, etc. caused by climatic conditions, as they occur naturally in a building material such as wood, are eliminated. The special shape of the aluminum prism prevents shearing of the bolts. Both invisible and visible connections are possible with self-drilling screws in the aluminum.

Thanks to the ECO-Line and PROFI-Line height-adjustable feet, it is now possible to lay decks easily without mortar. The different support heights of the slab pads and the adjustable feet offer the possibility to easily correct height differences in the substrate and also to cover unsightly drains and gutters. This creates a uniform surface with little effort. Surface water can be quickly and easily drained through the joints.