Real DECK Wooden Terraces

REAL DECK's outdoor wooden terraces connect the living space with the garden and extend the living space out into the greenery.

REAL DECK terraces are divided into coniferous woods represented by Siberian larch, Siberian (Czech) larch, Thermo pine, Western Red Cedar, Pine, Pine with pressure impregnation with green Wolmanit or brown Bochemit impregnation.

Exotic woods are offered in Bangkirai, Massaranduba, Bukit, Merbau, Garapa, Ipe, and Teak.

With different widths, different thicknesses, different finishes, and different treatments, REAL DECK wooden terraces offer you more than 30 combinations to choose from. However, a wooden terrace is not only the terrace planks you walk on but also the supporting prisms under the terrace, the height-adjustable terraces, the connecting screws, and the appropriate type of terrace oils.