Species Joist Thermo Pine
Origin Czech
Dimensions (mm) 42 x 42, 68, 92 mm
Degree nature
Moisture KD max.10%
Profile 4-sides smooth

Benefits of Thermo Pine

  • If you like the Pine's magical features but need a more durable result, thermo-pine decking is ideal.
  • Heat treatment increases pine durability by more than 15 years, which is extremely important for outdoor use.
  • Its lower moisture absorption capacity leads to less deformation due to moisture, making it an excellent outdoor use choice.
  • The heat treatment gives the Pine a beautiful golden brown tone.
  • The physical and chemical features of wood change during heat treatment. During the heating process, wood releases moisture and its chemical composition is transformed.
  • Heat treatment reduces the absorbency of wood, which means that exposure to moisture no longer causes swelling.
  • It also improves dimensional stability so that wood expands and contracts less in outdoor conditions.

Thermo Pine Description

Thermo wood is a dimensionally stable, durable and utterly ecological wood with increased resistance to biological pests.
It has an extensive range of dimensions, and it is a very affordable wood.

Thermo Pine Processing

The thermal modification gives Pine a beautiful golden-brown tone. In addition to being durable, our thermally modified radiata pine is environmentally friendly, as the thermal modification process is chemical-free and no harmful waste is generated.
Thanks to the heat treatment, they improve Pine's features, and, thanks to that, it has a longer service life, acoustic features and more excellent dimensional stability. It is lighter and therefore prevents possible problems.
Thermo wood supplied by us is produced by the WTT method, which uses heat treatment at 180° C.

Wood density:  Approx. 510 - 550 kg / m3

Species Origin Dimensions (mm) Degree Moisture Profile
Joist Thermo Pine Czech 42x68 nature KD max.10% 4-sides reeded
Joist Thermo Pine Czech 42x92 nature KD max.10% 4-sides reeded
Joist Thermo Pine Czech 42x42 nature KD max.10% 4-sides reeded