Species Joist Larch Siberian
Origin Russia
Dimensions (mm) 45x70
Degree A/B
Moisture KD max.20%
Profile 4-sides smooth

Benefits of Siberian Larch

  • It is hard softwood, and it is durable.
  • It's naturally water and fungus resistant.
  • It requires low maintenance.
  • Larch density is high due to a slower growth rate.
  • It has a high density.
  • The price is affordable.

Siberian Larch Description

Siberian Larch is one of the hardest softwoods. It is durable and sturdy, and it has strong fungi resistance properties.
Larch is one of the demanded woods providing beautiful texture and long-lasting shine. It has high density, which makes it ideally suited for external decking.
Siberian Larch decking has color tones from pale reddish-brown to golden brown. When weathered, the color will be a subtle gray. With tight annual rings and a planned smooth profile, straight-grained gives an attractive, contemporary look.
Larch wood decking is also favorable as it is not vulnerable to scrapes, scratches or knocks. Siberian larch decking price is also affordable.

Wood density:  approx. 650 kg / m3
Kiln dry:  16-18%