Species Joist exotic species - Bukit
Origin Malaysia
Dimensions (mm) 90 x 90
Grade Standard&better
Moisture KD max.18%
Profile 4-sides smooth

Benefits of Dark Red Meranti Under Construction

  • Thanks to its unique features and especially excellent stability, it is one of the world's best woody plants.
  • The wood is very hard and has a long life thanks to its high density and its substances.
  • It has a very low degree of drying.
  • It is resistant to fungi, insects and weather conditions.
  • It is very stable and is almost not subject to changes in humidity.

Dark Red Meranti Description

Dark Red Meranti is tropical timber used for exterior decking, but you can find it as cladding.
Dark Red Meranti has a dark reddish, or purplish-brown color appearance with white resin streaks typically present.
Dark Red Meranti is characterized by a uniform texture, which is slightly fluted. The grain of Dark Red Meranti has either straight or interlocked and, it has a coarse texture along with a low natural luster. The pore size of Dark Red Meranti has ranged from medium to large sizes.
Wood is tough and has a long durability thanks to its high density and the substances it contains. These oily substances can be washed away by rain during the first phase of exposure to weather conditions.
After drying, this wood is well shaped in shape, easy and clean to process, has an evenly smooth surface, and can be well surface treated