Species Larch Czech
Dimensions (mm) 40/45x60/70
Grade A/B
Origin Czech
Moisture KD max.20%
Profile 4-sided smooth

Benefits of Larch Czech

  • It has an excellent ability to withstand outdoor weather conditions.
  • Larch is uncomplicated and easy to care for.
  • It is not necessary to impregnate the wood.
  • The Larch is one of the hardest woods among the softwoods.
  • Larch is diverse in its appearance.
  • It is naturally waterproof.

Czech Larch Description

It is one of the heaviest softwoods. Larch decking is quite durable and sturdy. Thanks to the density of Larch Czech and the high content of tar and resin, Larch Czech is very resistant even without treatment. In fact, it is one of the trees

Wood density:  approx. 550 kg / m3
Kiln dry:  16-20%