Real Floor Solid Wood Flooring

REAL FLOOR floors include solid wood floors from fine exotic woods to coniferous woods. 
Floors such as Teak, Merbau, Rosewood as well as Oak, Ash, Larch, Pine, and Spruce do last for generations thanks to their solid design. 

Beveled edges on the longitudinal sides of the boards or all sides ensure that each individual board of teak wood flooring features more strongly in the overall look of the floor. This Solid Teak flooring makes each solid piece stand out more impressively. 
Conversely, floors that have edges without bevels, such as our REAL FLOOR floors made of spruce, pine, and larch, appear as one solid unit. Take into account that you are deciding on solid wood floors and solid wood has a large variety of colors. Starting with light brownish-yellow shades to dark red-brown colors. It is this play of colors that makes solid wood floors look vibrant. Solid wood, some woods also have to be bleached, which has a light color and is clearly distinguishable from the core wood. The knots are an expression of the authenticity of the solid wood. Please also note that despite careful selection, grading may deviate by up to 5% of the total quantity from the next higher or the next lower grade. REAL FLOOR floors are mostly delivered without a finish. You can bring out the authenticity and beauty of solid wood with an OSMO finish. Whether clear or colored, you get real wood with a natural finish based on naturally grown raw materials.