Dimensions 15/18/20 x 90 x 400-1500 mm
15/18/20 x 120 x 400-1500mm
Grade Clear
Surface finish Unfinished
Surface Smooth

Cumaru Hardwood flooring, commonly called Brazilian Chestnut, is a tough and dense wood imported from Brazil that has an irregular, somewhat interlocked grain and wavy – course texture. Cumaru flooring typically has a lot of color variation in its natural state. Cumaru flooring is the perfect choice for a hardwood floor because of its density, Cumaru floors in solid or engineered formats are very resistant to termites and decay. Cumaru’s heartwood is a medium brown with distinctive tan shades that compliment one another in with tonal warmth to create a relaxing feeling that’s great to come home to. Cumaru flooring is a popular choice for homeowners and decorators looking for more of a brown-toned floor.