Plywood is a panel-shaped wood-based material made from several thin layers of wood (the plies or wood veneers) that are glued crosswise (90 ° angle to each other) along the grain. This normalizes material properties such as shrinkage and swelling behaviour. Plywood is formed from an odd number of veneer sheets. Being among the leading pine plywood manufacturers, and also plywood supplier of many other types, we offer the best quality for your demands and needs.

Plywood is produced in different qualities due to different uses. The quality of plywood mostly depends on the glueing or the number of veneer layers.

What is plywood used for?

  • Building
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Construction materials
  • Automotive
  • Interior decoration of premises
  • Surface coating in the construction and naval sector
  • Furnishing of boats
  • Car building
  • Packaging

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