All You Need to Know About Birch Plywood

Plywoods are one of the most common preferred materials for the construction of different types of furniture. By gluing together the adjacent thin layers or plies of wood veneer, plywood is produced with their grains rotated up to 90 degrees with each other. A composite material is formed in the plywood by binding together the resin and wood fiber sheets. It creates an alternation of grains, known as cross-graining, which imparts several benefits to the plywood. It lowers the tendency of the wood to get split when they are nailed at its edges.

3 common types of plywood enjoy the extensive application, namely-  Birch plywood Elliotis Pine plywood , and  Poplar plywood . This article will go on to discuss birch plywood.


About Birch Plywood

Birch plywood is manufactured from the birch tree that is a deciduous tree possessing thin leaves. It is commonly found in pre-cut constructions for roofs, floors, and walls. The process of polishing the  plywood is carried out on the Steinman machine. Birch plywood is further divided into five types- Interior birch plywood, Exterior birch plywood, Aviation birch plywood, Bakelite birch plywood, and Film faced birch plywood. 

Interior birch plywood possesses high mechanical qualities and is widely used in the construction of the house, furniture, packaging, etc. It has also proven worthwhile being used for decorating lodgements, furniture production, etc. Exterior birch plywood, on the other hand, is preferred for carrying out the internal constructions in the shipbuilding, leveling the floors and ceilings, as a base to obtain flexible roofing, etc. The bakelite birch plywood is often considered irreplaceable in the production of yachts and boats, advertising boards, etc. Film faced plywood  is regarded as a material of significant importance while throwing up monolith buildings and constructions, furniture manufacturing, equipping the playgrounds, etc. It is also used in the automobile machinery producing industries and shipbuilding.

Advantages of Birch Plywood

Birch plywood boasts of high physical and mechanical qualities that make it suitable for various applications. It also has a beautiful and elegant texture, and the fact that it allows for fast mounting gives it an edge to be preferred for a plethora of applications. The exterior birch plywood is highly resistant towards the water, and this justifies its application while leveling the floors and ceilings. Moreover, aviation birch plywood is manufactured using the woods of the highest quality that makes use of modern technologies and equipment. Its external and internal layers comprise of whole pieces of veneer sheet that are obtained from the high-class, trustworthy, and fine-grain wood. Bakelite birch plywood is also a high-tensile, waterproof, and resilient material and is found to be stable in varying weather and chemical conditions.

The Bottom-Line : Au-Mex as one of the leading birch plywood manufacturers has made its mark in the market by providing birch plywood of the finest quality for different applications. Birch plywood is a highly resilient material with waterproof characteristics. These properties make it ideal for a plethora of applications. Being among the major birch plywood suppliers, some of the types of birch plywood are Interior birch plywood,  Exterior birch plywood , Aviation birch plywood, Bakelite birch plywood, and  Film faced birch plywood .

Updated 09.09.23