Dimensions 22,8x160x8 mm 0f210465-91d0-4362-afab-721995a86d30.jpeg
Grade N and RD
Surface finish Unfinished
Surface Sanded | Smooth


Why Oak?

  • Grows more beautiful with age
  • Available in an astonishing array of styles, grades and dimensions.
  • Remarkably resistant to fungal and insect attacks.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is popular with underfloor heating.

Using solid oak parquet flooring, the benefits and unique beauty of wood may coexist with the practicality of a cheap, durable, and convenient floor that still has a great contemporary aesthetic effect. The potential applications for industrial parquet flooring are many; they now include offices, hotels, stores, restaurants, institutions, and storage areas, among other places.