Species Spruce
Dimensions (mm) 14 x 96 STP
Degree AND

Benefits of Spruce

  • It doesn't conduct heat.
  • It doesn't leak resin.
  • The northern spruce's annual rings are closer together and contribute to its resilience and stability.
  • One of the most used wall cladding materials. It is popular for its good properties
  • Affordable price.
  • It has strength, flexibility, and a natural good look.
  • Suitable for all types of saunas.

Spruce Origin

Our spruce sauna boards are sourced from Finland, which ensures their exceptional quality.

Spruce Description

The spruce wood is almost white with a slight yellowish undertone and is one of the lightest coniferous woods.
Spruce is often used for saunas, especially lining the outer walls.
We offer it in a cladding version of Softline profile with an extended tongue and groove, which visually eliminates the wood's natural shape changes due to changes in humidity.

Spruce Specifications

The pen has a length of 10 mm. You have to reckon with the covering width of the boards 86 mm. Decks are always charged, including a pen. You don't have to use these panels only for sauna cladding. They are suitable for any wood paneling for the interior