Material Aspen 
Length (mm) 2.1/ ​​2.4/ 2.7/ 3.0 m
Profile 15 x 90/120/140 mm STP
15 x 90/120/140 mm STS4

Features of Aspen Wallboard for sauna

  • Light-colored knotless wood with a very "clean" pattern, thanks to its light shade, gives the sauna an impression of spaciousness.
  • Among light non-knotty materials, in our opinion, aspen is the most luxurious woody species.
  • Aspen undergoes less yellowing over time than other bright materials.
  • Aspen is a softer wood, thanks to which it has less thermal conductivity and is therefore also suitable for touch parts of the interior, such as benches and armrests.
  • Suitable for all types of saunas.

Aspen Wallboard Origin

Our aspen comes from Finnish forests and is a hardwood known for its suitability for sauna use. It is a reminder of the natural strength and purity of this Nordic region.

Aspen Wallboard Description

Aspen is a traditional sauna material that has great properties for use in a sauna. Add a fresh touch to the sauna color to the sauna. Aspen is a light-colored wood with a distinctive luster, which is made by clean world lines without knots and tars, which means a luxurious look of the sauna. Aspen undergoes less oxidation and yellowing than Finnish spruce. Your sauna will be beautiful for a very long time.

Aspen Wallboard Specifications

Aspen wood is the ideal material for a sauna.
It does not exude resin, does not form wood splinters and does not overheat.
Its characteristic light color tone and smooth texture give it a beautiful appearance.
It is available in a Softline profile with an extended tongue and groove that visually eliminates the wood's natural shape changes due to humidity changes

Length (mm) Profile
2.1/ ​​2.4/ 2.7/ 3.0 m 15 x 90 mm STP  
2.1/ ​​2.4/ 2.7/ 3.0 m 15 x 90/120/140 mm STS4  

Aspen Wallboard