We supply REAL DECK terrace timber from Siberian larch and Siberian larch according to EN 14519.

Siberian larch is one of the most valuable and durable species among coniferous woods. The resin contains repels water as a natural impregnation and protects the wood from fungal attacks. Due to its slow growth in cold regions, Siberian larch is harder than European larch. REAL DECK terrace timber made from Thermo pine and Thermo ash is produced using the WTT method, which involves heat treatment of the wood at 180°C. REAL DECK Red Cedar is supplied in "twisted" quality and because it is a wood with a density of only 340-460 kg/m3 the supplied thickness of this wood is 40 mm.

We supply pine and pressure-impregnated pine terrace timber following EN 14519. In the case of Wolmanite and Bochemite pressure-impregnated pine terrace timber, greenish efflorescence ( Wolmanite ) and whitish efflorescence ( Bochemite ) occurs on the surface, especially in the bark area. This is a resin produced during the pressure impregnation process and mixed with the impregnating agent. These light green or whitish blooms of salt weather over time.