Fastening Programme

Choose wood screws or aluminum screws depending on the substructure you will be working with. A dista-board, patio grip, or our new drilling template will create an expansion joint between the patio board and the underlying structure. This is of great importance when using both coniferous and tropical hardwoods.

What is the difference when using these systems?

  • Dista-sheet is used for the visible connection of the terrace planks.
  • Dista-sheet is screwed directly from the top of the planks. The screw heads are thus visible.
  • Dista-slat also acts as a spacer. The patio clamp is used to connect the patio boards invisibly. The terrace bracket is attached to the underside of the plank and then to the underlying structure. The planks are therefore connected indirectly. No fasteners are visible on the terrace surface. The terrace handle acts as a connecting and spacing device.

A new addition to our product range, the Drill Tool also serves to make the connection invisible from above. Thus, no screw heads are visible on the terrace surface. The screws are evenly screwed in at an angle of 50° using predetermined fixing points and thus optimally positioned. Thanks to the spacing mandrels on the Drill Tool, an even joint distance of 6mm between the individual planks are automatically guaranteed.