Larch Czech Cladding


Larch Czech Cladding
Dimensions 19/24 x 68/100/107/121/140/146 mm
Profile Raute/Rhombus/Classic/Board
Origin Czech
Wood densityapprox. 550 kg / m3

Benefits of Larch:

  • It has an excellent ability to withstand outdoor weather conditions.
  • Larch is uncomplicated and easy to care for.
  • It is not necessary to impregnate the wood.
  • On facades, it can be used alternatively without surface treatment (grey platinum or surface treatment preferably with oil paints).
  • The Larch is the hardest wood among the soft softwoods.
  • Larch is diverse in its appearance.
  • It is naturally waterproof.


Larch Czech is mined here in the Jesenice foothills and Silesia - in the Bruntál, Krnov and Opava regions.


It is one of the heaviest softwood. Larch decking is quite durable and sturdy. Thanks to the density of Larch Czech and the high content of tar and resin, Larch Czech is very resistant even without treatment. In fact, it is one of the trees with the best weather characteristics. The style and design of Larch Czech are natural, and you can choose from a lot of OSMO colour variations in larch wood cladding.


One of Larch Czech's typical feature is the tendency for the resin to shed, which can occur during installation and after finishing. However, with the OSMO "Resin Removal Kit" product, you can easily solve this small problem yourself.

Larch cladding is particularly sensitive to iron, and to prevent rust, we recommend fasteners made of stainless steel only. Because Larch tends to cleft, all attachment points should be pre-drilled.


Suppose you decide to treat the wood from Larch Czech on the facade with paint to preserve the wood without the typical grey patina, which will appear on the wood without treatment on wood within one year after exposure. In that case, we recommend using OSMO paint based on natural oils and waxes. If a colourless wood treatment is required, use the OSMO UV Colorless Protective Oil product. If you want to protect the wood and at the same time preserve its naturalness as much as possible, use a lightly pigmented coating in the selected shade OSMO UV Protective colour oil Extra with six colour shades.

If you want to preserve the wood's structure and felting but a higher degree of pigmentation, we recommend the OSMO Protective Oil Stain with eighteen colour shades.


Species Origin Dimensions (mm) Profile
LARCH Cladding
Larch Czech 24 x 68 Raute
Larch Czech 24 x 107 Rhombus
Larch Czech 19 x 146 Classic
Larch Czech 19 x 100/121/140 Board

Larch Czech 19x146, Classic

Larch Czech 24x68 mm, Raute

Larch Czech T +G 24x107mm, Raute

REAL FACADE Larch Czech 24x100 mm, Raute, OSMO SF 712 Eben

REAL FACADE Larch Czech 24x107 mm