Dark Red Meranti Cladding


Western Red Cedar Cladding
Dimensions16/18/20/30 x 55/90/120/140 mm
Profile Raute - Select & Better, Board - Select & Better, Softline - Select & Better
Origin Malaysia
Wood density560 - 860 kg / m3
Wood Facade, Wooden Cladding, Dark Red Meranti Cladding

Benefits of Dark Red Meranti:

  • Colour differences between the individual boards create a beautifully natural and usual look.
  • This wood has an almost uniform texture without defects and white.
  • Thanks to its unique properties and especially excellent stability, it is one of the world's best woody plants.
  • The wood is very hard and has a long life thanks to its high density and its substances.
  • Dark Red Meranti is a very hard wood with a very low degree of drying.
  • It is very stable and is almost not subject to changes in humidity.
  • It is resistant to fungi, insects and weather conditions.
  • Dark Red Meranti is a very decorative wood with many colour tones.

Dark Red Meranti is found in Southwest Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. It thrives in tropical lowland rainforests and lower highlands.

Dark Red Meranti is characterized by a uniform texture, which is slightly fluted. After drying, this wood is well shaped in shape, easy and clean to process, has an evenly smooth surface, and can be treated well.
The grain of Dark Red Meranti has either straight or interlocked and, it has a coarse texture along with a low natural lustre. The pore size of Dark Red Meranti has ranged from medium to large sizes.
Wood is tough and has a long durability thanks to its high density and the substances it contains. These oily substances can be washed away by rain during the first phase of exposure to weather conditions.

The substances contained can drip on fresh-cut surfaces and therefore cause discolouration on the masonry. Therefore we recommend that all cutting edges be provided with OSMO Cutting Edge Wax. For Dark Red Meranti, it is essential to use non-corrosive fasteners for external structures. After almost six months of exposure to the weather, natural light greying is normal and does not affect quality or durability.

If a colourless wood treatment is required for outdoor use, use OSMO UV Colorless Extra Protective Oil. If you want to protect the wood with pigments and at the same time preserve its naturalness as much as possible, use OSMO pigmented coating Bangkirai Terrace Oil light.
Suppose you want to preserve wood sanding structure, but you want a colour rendering with a higher degree of pigmentation. In that case, we recommend the OSMO granular oil glaze with eighteen colour differences.


Species Origin Dimensions (mm) Profile
THERMO Cladding
Dark Red Meranti Malaysia 20 x 90 Raute - Select & Better
Dark Red Meranti Malaysia 18 x 140 Board - Select & Better
Dark Red Meranti Malaysia 30 x 55 Board - Select & Better
Dark Red Meranti Malaysia 16 x 120 Softline - Select & Better

Bukit 16x120 mm, Softline

Bukit 18x140 mm

Bukit 30x55 mm

Bukit 20x90 mm, Raute OSMO SF UV Protective oil colorless 420

Bukit 20x90 mm, Raute