Wooden Sauna Profiles

Traditional wood species such as spruce, pine and larch are prevalent for sheating houses, giving the wood facade a completely new touch. Wooden profiles with a thickness of 18 mm and more are mainly used for outdoor cladding. They are produced in various profiles, the most used being the classic profile, the Softline profile or planed boards. In the interior, panels with a tongue and groove for sheating walls and ceilings are most used.

Solid wood floors from these conifers are produced in thicknesses from 15 mm to 40 mm and are very popular among customers due to their easy workability. Spruce, pine or larch floorboards can look very luxurious if you choose natural oils and waxes as OSMO surface treatment, which do not suppress the natural beauty of this wood, but on the contrary, pull out its natural beauty and flare even more.

Nordic spruce, aspen, alder or red cedar are species that are typical for the production of sauna profiles.

Spruce, aspen, alder and red cedar are correctly selected woody plants for the production of saunas . Quality wood sauna is subject to the highest classification and is available in sorting A . Because sauna floorboards have to withstand high temperature changes and high relative humidity in a very short period of time, they are supplied mainly in a softline profile that is profiled for these changes and wood on walls and ceilings remains without visible dimensional changes due to the extended peru softline profile. Wood for saunas is not surface treated and left natural.

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