Surface typeSmooth/Smooth (F/F) Dark brown 120g/m2
Thickness (mm)6-40
Dimensions (mm)1220x2440x1220 (4x8x4)
1250x2500x1250 (4x8x4)
1500/1525x2440/2500 (5x8)
1500/1525x3000/3050 (5x10)
Number of layers5-19
GradeI/I, I/II
Plywood, Exterior Birch Plywood, Film Faced Plywood

Benefits of Birch – Film Faced Plywood

  • Higher resistance to abrasion
  • Higher water-resistance
  • Resistant to water, wear, chemicals, fungi and mould
  • Exceptional durability
  • It comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes

Birches are a source of plywood boards. They are fast-growing hardwoods in a total of 30-50 species worldwide. The life expectancy of most birches is sixty to ninety years, and they average around thirty meters. Birch plywood production is located mainly in North America, Northern Europe and North Asia.

Film Faced Birch plywood is the important construction material for shuttering, constructing monoliths and other building structures, trailers, furniture industry, playground equipment, automotive industry, and shipbuilding

Film Faced Birch Plywood is high-quality plywood covered with resin-treated paper that turns into a protective film during production. Because of this, the surface is resistant to water, wear, chemicals, fungi and mould. Unlike conventional plywood, this plywood is resistant to concrete and is widely used in panel formwork. Film faced plywood comes with a smooth or a mesh surface. Edges are sealed with water-dispersible acrylic paint, widely used in the construction industry and vehicle production. Easy to mount and work with. You have to consult the usage of plywood with your specialist dealer.


Thickness (mm) No. of layers Size (mm) pcs/pallet
4 3 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 150
6-6,5 5 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 100
9 7 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 67
12 9 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 50
15 11 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 40
18 13 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 33
21 15 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 29
24 17 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 29