Wide range ofBirch Plywood

As a structural material, birch plywood is very popular throughout the construction industry. It is very widely used in formwork systems for cast-in-situ construction. Birch Plywood is also used in pre-cut constructions for roofs, walls, and floors, and the manufacture of floor coverings in interior decoration. Construction specialists appreciate the high durability and wear resistance of plywoods. The fine-grained structure of birch plywood makes it suitable for use in the construction industry. Birch Plywood is manufactured from the birch veneer laminations and is considered as one of the strongest and dimensionally stable plywood. The birch plywood is quite light in weight and yet offers high strength. It offers aesthetic advantage and improves safety characteristics. The birch plywood comes in 5 variants, namely- Interior & Exterior Plywood, Aviation Plywood, Film Faced Plywood, and Bakelite Plywood. The interior plywood has high mechanical qualities and provides a nice looking texture. The exterior plywood has waterproof qualities making it ideal for use in shipbuilding. Film Faced Birch Plywood is a high-quality exterior birch plywood with special coating of resin-treated paper that turns into protective film during production.