FEED platform

Also, we would like to send you information about our FEED platform. It is an excellent marketing tool where you have the possibility of linking products from the AU-MEX range with your e-shop. We have two types of FEEDS - 1. Product feed, and 2. Availability feed. The Product feed is a summary of all products available in our online shop https://shop.au-mex.com/ containing all the necessary data for a complete import to your E-shop. The Availability feed transfers our current stock data to your E-shop. The FEEDS are divided to keep the data consumption as low as possible.

-PRODUCT FEED: Our Product feed contains the complete AU-MEX product range, displayed on our E-shop https://shop.au-mex.com/. The feed contains information about product codes, product names, EAN codes, descriptions, photos, prices and much more. We attach the legend to the feed for better understanding. You can easily read from it what information the product feed carries and where you can find it in the feed. The feed is automatically updated daily at midnight, so you don't have to worry about anything after the implementation. Any changes we make on our E-shop (e.g. when we change a photo) will be written on your E-shop by the next day.

-AVAILABILITY FEED: Our Availability feed contains the complete AU-MEX range, which is displayed on our e-shop https://shop.au-mex.com/. There you can read information about the product codes, the number of pieces in the package and the up-to-date stock of the product. The feed is automatically updated every 15 minutes, so you don't have to worry about anything after implementation.

To use both feeds, you need to have your online E-shop first. Your IT department will easily install this platform on your E-shop, connecting your E-shop with ours; thus, your E-shop will display all the selected products, available stock + up-to-date product information.

Please give us feedback if you are interested in installing feeds on your E-shop. We will send you documents to confirm cooperation in this area and links or URLs to the above product and availability feed.

We have experienced great success with many clients since they started using FEEDS. And the number of clients is quickly increasing. We are excited about the potential of this tool and want to share it with someone just like you! Would you be interested in hearing more? In the attachment, you will find the detailed description, and also we can organize an online meeting to show you all in practice. Please get in touch with our colleague Mrs Petra Hanzalova – p.hanzalova@au-mex.com. You can book a video chat with her where you can clearly understand all advantages of this platform.

For more information, please get in touch with our sales team. We hope that all the marketing tools can help to increase your business. And we look forward to being on the board with you!

Actualised 20.09.23