Why Ekowood

Benefit 1

Modern technology – 5G lock system

With a simple push the connecting sides lock together, flexible tongue holds the slats together lika a doorlock.

Especially comfortable, quiet assembly that does not need almost any force.

Extremely quick, reliable and cle an laying. Easy to disassemble if necessary.

Tongue system EKOLOG G5 is made from a special plastic that has been tested and no negative influences were found that could cause damage to the connection due to climate change Veneer thicknes cca. 3mm

Benefit 2

Wide utility,suitable for floor heating

Thanks to low thickness and core from hard Hevea wood

Benefit 3

Personal creativity – wide selection of surfaces finishes

  • Most surfaces with OSMO hard wax oil
  • Without surfaces finish with the option of peronalized finish thanks to a complete range of OSMO floor oils and waxes
  • Varnished surfaces
Middle layer made from HEVEA

Central, core layer of the floor is made of HEVEA wood = best solution


Cross-section of the most common woods used for middle layer and their diffrences:

Spruce Pine Hevea Oak
Density kg/m³ 385 450 600 673
Brinell hardness 1,2 1,9 3,5 3,7
Dilatation of woo d in %
Radial % 3,6 4,0 0,8 4,0
Tangentional % 7,8 7,7 1,2 7,5
Lateral % 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5

This Table Tells Us

  • HEVEA wood is hardest therefore most resistant to static strenght, loads from furniture and other heavy objects.
  • It is clear that HEVEA wood, due to its homogeneous structure is the most stable in all aspects, meaning that the floor is very stable and less vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity in interiors. That is why EKOWOOD floor is more suitable in combination with floor water heating system.
  • The stability of the middle layer of HEVEA wood is also important for minimalisation of the floor creaking during walk. It is logical as engineere doors should consist of woods with similar density. Can you imagine the discomfort that could be caused by floor with middle layer made from spruce (density 385 kg/m3) and a merbau surface veneer (density 850-1100 kg/m3), in 1 strip version in a room where temperature and humidity change?

Rival middle layer of engineered floor

Core with pine age lines vertically – causes deformation of slats

Core with pine age lines alternating – causes deformation of surface

Middle layer of engineered Ekowood floor

Core with hevea, stable in all aspects = best solution

First two cases show possible problems of the most commonly used middle layers from soft woods, in this case pine . It is clear from the pictures that the surfaces of the floor can deform due to the structure of the soft wood. The flaw can be visible only on larger scale under a certain angle and disturb the aesthetic feel of a nice floor, compitation of soft and hard wood causes unstable segments – especially problematic with floor heating.

  • HEVEA wood has a fine and homogeneous structure and that is why floor surfaces remains the same localized repairs are possible thanks to OSMO surface.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Resistance to water leakage of all transverse and lat eral sides is ensured by a wax emulsion.
  • Resistance to stains thanks to OSMO protection with oil wax base.
  • Classification a grade higher than competing manaufactures.
Traditional Oil Based Coating System
  • Protects wood from the inside
  • Doesn‘t create a layer
  • Doesn‘t create any protective surfaces

Advantages Of Oil Base

  • The coat penetrates the wood
  • Livens up the wood
  • Can be renovated easily and partially
  • Doesn‘t flake, doesn‘t peel

Disadvantages Of Oil Base

  • Low resistance to liquids
  • Complicated maintenants

Due to low resistance to liquids water marks can develop very quickly.

Varnish Coating System, Water Base
  • Pretects wood from the outside
  • Creates a layer
  • Creates thick coating

Advantages Of Water Base

  • The coat is on the surface of the wood
  • Good liquid resistance
  • Protection against scratches
  • Easy mantennce

Disadvantages Of Water Base

  • Renovation is possible only after prior sanding of the surface
  • Surface can‘t be partially renovated
  • The coat flakes, cracks and peels

For the floor renovation on the surface needs to be sanded first.

Wax And Oil Based Coating System
  • Protects wood from inside and out
  • Doesn‘t create a layer
  • Creates a protective surface with open pores

Advantages Osmo Wax And Oil Base

  • Oil penetrates into the wood and wax creates a protective surface with open pores
  • Livens up wood
  • Can be easily and partially renovated
  • Doesn‘t flake, crack, peel and has good resistance to liquids

Perfect surface, easy to renovate, good resistance to liquids