Thermowood Pine Cladding

Thermowood Pine Cladding

Thermo Pine Cladding Description

Thermowood pine is free from resin and any other chemicals. Due to durability of thermo pine wood, it is decay resistant and is suitable for every weather condition. As thermo wood pine cladding is processed using heat rather than chemical is better for environment and is also durable and strong.

Thermal wood cladding is clean and ecological and inflates stability.Thermowood façade reduces shrinkage, distortion and swelling and increases the appeal and beauty of the wood.

Thermo cladding is affordable and can be used for various industrial application. It is one of the best option to choose from. Wood cladding from pine is easy to work on and with. It is resistant and rot decay. Pine wood cladding is opted and suitable for high – foot traffic areas.

Thermo Pine Cladding is generally been made softwood timber that has been heat treated. Due to this, it lasts for long and does not require any surface treatment. Thermo Pine Cladding may also vary with its color when left to weather naturally, may change to silver grey color same as cedar or larch.

Many of them choose with the Thermo Pine Cladding because of its durability, a good look as well as it is environment friendly. Rather than chemicals, it is been processed through heat and chemicals which makes its environment friendly. The Thermo cladding is generally preferred for enhancing the aesthetics of a structure. The thermo wood decking has a hard & smooth surface and is durable. It is dimensionally stable and resists decaying. Thermo wood pine is used for applications which involve demanding weather conditions due to its decay proof nature.

For most of the homeowners and developers it is affordable as inexpensive, environment friendly with its resistant building material. For more information you can refer with the catalogue and choose out with the best option for your house.


Profile Dimensions mm lengths (m)
Raute 28 x 68 1,50 – 5,10
Raute 26 x 92 1,50 – 5,10
Classic 19 x 140 2,10 – 5,10
Joist planed on 4 sides 42 x 42 2,10 – 4,20
42 x 68