Solid Teak Burmese Flooring

Solid Teak Burmese Flooring

Solid Exotic Flooring

Solid teak flooring has feature of being warm naturally and can be used for application in rooms. Placing protective pads under legs of furniture legs, spreading rugs on solid teak flooring if used in shops or any other high traffic place will protect and maintain it for longer time.

Real Burmese teak has narrow, light yellow-brown sapwood and dark gold-brown wood which darkens outside on the surface to medium or dark brown. Burmese teak has mostly direct fibration. Javanese teak, unlike Burma teak, has more lively structure, wider colour range and more various structure.

Using Teak Burmese Wood Floor is environment friendly. It is covet and widely chosen timber due to its durability and strength. It was initially found in south-east Asia’s tropical forest, INDIA and Myanmar.

Great for interiors and even for exterior pavement Teak Burmese Wood Floor is strong and cost – effective too.

Teak Burmese Flooring has great appearance that of narrow, light yellow – brown, golden brown and more. It dries slowly and is stable for use. It is also suitable for shaping, has medium bending strength, low solidity and impact resistant.

Solid teak flooring is recommended to purchase as it’s of high quality, comes in wide variations, great texture and easy to maintain & clean.

Species Dimension (mm)* Grade Treatement
TEAK Burmese 15×120 Medium+Dark unfinished