Solid Ash Flooring

Solid Ash Flooring

Solid Ash Flooring Description

Solid Ash Wood Floor is an excellent and popular choice due to its durability and appealing texture. There are various perks of using a hardwood like Solid ASH flooring for your home.
  • Solid Ash flooring is durable and long-lasting.
  • It is dense and has great texture.
  • It can be painted and stained easily due to its quick absorbability.
  • Solid Ash flooring is easy to maintain and so does it incur the comparatively low cost.
  • It comes in various shades.
  • Easy for surface treatment.
Ash wood flooring is naturally light in color and it becomes easy to brighten up any house using this hardwood. The European ash is creamy white to light brown, sometimes distinctive dark brown at the heart. The density of European ash after drying is 580kg/m. It can have versatile and significant color range, from light to dark shades. Ash has straight fiber and rough texture, its growth rings create a very decorative design in the tangential cut. It has medium bending and pressure strength. The symbolic and convincing features are – it is quite hard, elastic and strong against shock.
The primary factor of considering solid ash wood floors is that it is robust. It is also rust, decay and insect resistance. There is less visibility of dents and scratches due to its hardness.

Solid Wide Ash Flooring

Species Dimension (mm) Grade Finishing
ASH T&G 4-sides, beveled 20x140x600-3000 Natur unfinished
ASH T&G 4-sides, beveled 20x160x600-3000 Natur unfinished

Solid Ash Parquets (Industrial Ash Parquet)

Species Dimension (mm) Grade Finishing
ASH parquet 15x70x500 Natur (2) unfinished