Wide range ofExotic Wood

Today, people are choosing exotic wood deck not only for look and class but also for its known and proven durability and strength. There are amazing and versatile real exotic wood decks are available in market for cherry picking to enhance the interiors and exteriors for homes or corporate buildings.

To proceed for beautiful structuring or restructuring your place, it’s also important to choose the right exotic hardwood and do it right at first go.

To go right from the very beginning, plan and have proper vision of the use of hardwood for decking. Whether you want it for interiors, furniture piece, want to do wall decking, want to use exotic woods for exteriors and so many things.

Here why you may pick exotic wood decks;

  • Gives immensely beautiful looks to your place.
  • It’s money saver.
  • Almost all hardwoods are naturally decay and insect resistance.
  • Many of them have natural lustre.
  • Maintenance is minimal.

Wide range of exclusive colors and styles are available for exotic wood deck like;

  • Bangkirai –Wood is very hard and long lasting due to high density and contained substances. 
  • Massaranduba – Manilkara Bidentata- Massaranduba wood decking is one of the most distinct and beautiful exotic hardwood having beautiful red velvet look. It has passed test to perform best under heavy test. 
  • Bukit – Shorea Platyclados (dark red meranti) – Bukit is also named as dark red meranti that has high density and it’s odourless. 
  • Bukit T + G – Shorea Platyclados (dark red meranti)– It is affordable and has excellent machining properties. 
  • Merbau – Intsia Bijuga –Using merbau as exotic wood decking is one good choice as the maintenance is low, it’s stylish, easy installation and more benefits to opt one. 
  • Garapa – Apuleia Leiocarpa – Garapa wood decking has great texture, has golden to brown color and darkens with age.
  • IPE – Tabebuia spp – IPE decking is insect resistant, hard and dense. It doesn’t wear off even during heavy use.
  • Decking squares Deck Clic – It is very easy to install and maintain. 
  • Western Red Cedar – It is easy to work with, has even and smooth surface, easy to polish and finish 
  • Teak Java- Java Teak is another exotic wood deck which can be align well with drilling and a great solution for deck.
  • Teak Burmese – Tectona grandis – Great choice for exotic wood decking due to its high durability and water resistance.