Engineered Flooring Ekowood

Three collections and a wide range of colours...

EKOWOOD floors are divided into the Quiet Wood Collection, the Exotic Collection, and the Fine Season Collection.

The Calm Wood Collection is a calm and color-balanced hardwood flooring that adds a casual elegance to any room. In this collection, you will find oak in particular in several optical finishes and in many colorways, including unfinished oak floors that can be customized to suit your individual taste. In addition to oak, this collection also includes beech, ash, and American walnut.

The exotic selection features beautiful woods from tropical forests that will add a warm, inviting charm to your home. Here you will find floors in Ddoussia, Teak, and Merbau.

The Fine Season collection offers an unpredictable touch and allows you to bring playfulness into your living space. Finely interwoven strips of Canadian maple, Merbau along with Cherry and Kempas, American Walnut, Ash or Cherry. This is the collection of a distinctive modern interior.