Height adjustable feet

Height-adjustable feet made of hard plastic are designed for installation of wooden terraces and create a floor grate by placing them under wooden terraces. It ensures levelling of sloping ground and floor unevenness up to 27 cm. These pedestals are designed for the dry laying of wooden terrace parts to cover the insulated surface of roofs, balconies, loggias, swimming pools and similar areas. In this way, it is possible to lay the wooden terrace directly on the non-rigid layers of the roof. A covering concrete screed and mortar bed are not required for the waterproofing layer of the flat roof. You can have a wooden terrace on feet horizontally, even if the space under the terrace has a slope or unevenness in the ground.

Nivello 2.0

Note Not compatible with adjustable pedestals PRO XS, PRO XXS and BASE-Line.

Art. no. Slope (%) PU
946035 0,5 - 10 10

Versatile slope adjustment

  • Minimum slope: 0,5 %
  • Maximum slope: 10 %
  • Slope can be adjusted in steps of 0,5%
  • User-friendly operation
  • Click-locking of adjustable pedestals
  • Bearing surface composition protects subsurface (e.g. roofing)
  • Large bearing surface