Birch – Interior/Exterior


SpeciesBirch - Interior
Thickness (mm)4-40
Dimensions (mm)1525x1525 (5x5)
1220x2440x1220/1250x2500x1250 (4x8x4)
1500/1525x2500 (5x8)
2500/2440x1525/1500 (8x5)
1500/1525x3000/3050 (5x10)
Number of layers5-30
GradeI (B,S), II (BB), III (CP), IV (C)
birch plywood, exterior plywood, interior plywood

Benefits of Birch - Interior

  • Ecological
  • Exceptional durability and wear-resistance
  • Hard Surface
  • Beautiful texture of natural wood
  • Easily processed and installed
  • Good adhesion to lacquers and paints
  • Minimum warping and ability to bend or deform
  • It comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes

Birches are a source of plywood boards. They are fast-growing hardwoods in a total of 30-50 species worldwide. The life expectancy of most birches is sixty to ninety years, and they average around thirty meters. Birch plywood production is located mainly in North America, Northern Europe and North Asia.

Interior plywood is used, as you can guess, mainly in interiors. Its beautiful surface texture can be used in decorative applications, furniture, and children's toys.
Exterior birch plywood retains its useful properties even in high humidity conditions and is not deformed or soaked. WBP exterior plywood can be used both indoors and outdoors. This exterior wbp plywood is a water resistant plywood and is durable, sturdy, and lasts a long time. Also, exterior plywood is mainly used for exterior application and decoration.

Interior and the exterior birch plywood is a high-quality building material with a beautiful finish and exceptional strength. This plywood is water resistant and is made from birch veneers bonded with a unique carbamide adhesive, combining well with finishing materials. These wbp exterior plywood’s perfectly resist large temperature changes, high stresses and loads. Exterior plywood is also water resistant.


Thickness (mm) No. of layers Size (mm) pcs/pallet
4 3 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 150
6-6,5 5 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 100
9 7 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 67
12 9 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 50
15 11 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 40
18 13 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 33
21 15 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 29
24 17 2500 x 1250/2440 x1220 29