Wide range ofElliotis Pine Plywood

Au-Mex operating 3 plywood mills and 2 veneer mills located in the highlands of Southern Brazil.Au-Mex softwood plywood production capacity exceeds 350,000 m3 per year, placing it among-st the 10 largest plywoods producers in the world with export markets covering Europe, North and Central America, the Middle East and Asia.

The structural grade of Elliotis Pine plywood is as below:

  • Phenolic surface film (PSF) overlaid panels on bothsides.
  • Medium density overlay covered panels in one or two sides.
  • Improved faces and backs with wood patches, mill-oiled and edge-sealed.
  • This panelis a perfect option for several uses where strength and a solid substrate for painting or veneering is required.
  • This panel providesan excellent surface to be painted for all structural, industrial or paneling applications.
  • Excellent for industrial applications.
  • Developed specially for floor decking and industrial applications where thickness accuracy is critical, these panels may also be used as concrete shuttering panels, roof decking, and wall sheathing.
  • They offer a perfect solution for applications such as roof sheathing, sidewalls, subflooring, crating, packing, pallet, components, etc.
  • Created to offer the highest structural performance.
  • Non-structural panel made with face and back veneers of lower density and strength values.
  • Make of these panels are an economic option for concrete forming.

The Elliotis Pine plywood is majorly used in application for concrete formwork, panelling, furniture, floor decking, roof decking, floor decking, wall sheathing, shelving, crating, packing, pine flooring and upholstered furniture frames.