Elliotis Form


Structural CE 2+ BFU 100 BS 5268-2 PS 1-07

Product code Overlay type Maximum No. of pours
Face Back Architectural finish Regular concrete
FORM 120 120 g/m2 brown PSF 120 g/m2 brown PSF 4 20
FORM 180 167 g/m2 brown PSF 167 g/m2 brown PSF 6 30
FORM 220 220 g/m2 brown PSF 220 g/m2 brown PSF 8 40
FORM 500 220g/m2 brown PSF + 290g/m2 MDO 120 g/m2 brown PSF 20 100

Product Description

Solid phenolic bonded structural plywood overlaid with phenolic surface films (PSF) to provide long lasting shuttering boards for concrete forming with minimal deflections.

Panels can be delivered with several combinations of overlay weights to provide a number of options in terms of number of pours (reuses) and finished concrete appearance.