Core Gaps and Workmanship

Product Description

Good workmanship in laying up the inner plies is essential in ensuring that the structural plywood maximises its full strength potential across the whole panel by minimising the number of undesirable core gaps. Au-mex of grades A-C, B-C, Cp-C and Frameply are made with full sheets of veneers (natural or composed). This greatly reduces the occurrence of laps and core gaps. Those that do appear are limited to a maximum of 10mm in width. See an example below. Au-mex grades B-B O&ES, Flooring and Sheathing also offer structurally sound inner plies with laps and gaps limited to a maximum width of 15mm. See a typical example below. Au-mex non structural grades C+/C+ O&ES, C+/C which are not intended for structural use may have bigger and more frequent layup defects. See a worst case scenario example below.