Wooden Decking Prospects in the United Kingdom

Decking is the common term that has been in use since the ships were designed. A deck was referred to as the large open space on the boat or ship. Later on, it was incorporated into the design and layout of living homes. A deck is a flat surface that is often elevated from the ground and is exteriorly attached to the house. Wooden decking is the prevalent form across the globe.

Wooden Decking in the UK

Wood deck is naturally made out of natural and high-quality materials. However, the cost of implementation may be a bit high, but it can vary depending upon the requirements. Wooden decking has an extended life till 20 to 60 years on average, and as per the market rate in the United Kingdom, softwood decking may range from £120 to £140 per square meter.

There are two types of wood decks: hardwood as well as softwood decks. Western Red Cedar decking is another example of softwood decking and costs around 160 to 180 pounds per square meter. Hardwood decking is quite expensive and can be opted out for commercial purposes that promise a good return on investment. The cheapest hardwood deck long can range up to 220 pounds per meter. Ipe decking is trend friendly in the UK market as it is more durable in comparison to other timbers. Apart from ipe decking, massaranduba decking, teak decking, oak wood decking, plywood decking, etc. are the different options available with consumers.

Cost of installation Besides wooden decking, composite decking is also shaping an alternate market amongst the consumers in the United Kingdom. The reason behind this is the lower cost. Wood decks are categorized in the budget, medium, and premium decking. The premium decks come with substantial pricing of around 250 to 300 pounds per square meter. Therefore a few segments of society opt for similar floor looks at minimal cost by preferring composite decking. Decking timber of composite kind invites low maintenance, which is more comfortable for people to afford.

British Standards for Timber According to the standard set up norms BS EN 350 applicable on wood and wood-based product durability, there have been classes categorized into five categories with grade I being highly durable and grade V being least on the durability scale.

A grade I hardwood decking has a relatively higher cost of installation as well as maintenance costs. This reason makes it worth low, and people prefer not to choose grade I wood decks for flooring.

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