Best Solid Wooden Flooring Options for Interior Design

Everyone desires a classic and elegant wooden flooring when it comes to interior design. The choice of wood flooring is one of the most critical decisions that provide a strong foundation in giving the desired look. Solid wood flooring has been one of the most popular choices because of its durability and longevity. Today, solid wood floors are available in various exotic and European species. We offer some of the best wooden flooring options for interior design.

Solid Oak Parquet Flooring:


Oak is one of the most valuable species that is used in flooring as well as furniture business. People have used hard oak wood for centuries to create furniture, beams, and floors. It is a lighter yellow-brown and has a slightly rough texture. Because of its full rays design, solid oak flooring gives a gorgeous look. There are a wide variety of colors & texture options available in oak flooring that you can customize. It depends on your personal choice and home interior.

Thanks to the three layers (engineered flooring) version, you can reduce the movement of the wood. It is another option of solid oak parquet flooring, which is massively popular among the customers. It is firm against pressure and has high solidity & resistance. It is known to be a very durable option when it comes to parquet flooring. It is best for those who want to create customized flooring. An oil or lacquer finishes the surface of Oak flooring

solid wooden flooring

Pine flooring:

With a long list of advantages, pine flooring has tremendous popularity. Its homely appearance makes it a unique and preferred choice for wooden flooring. Creamy pink sapwood and yellow-red to red-brown heartwood give it a luxurious look. Mostly Pine has a rough texture. 

Solid Pine Wood Flooring
Wooden Flooring Solid Pine

With its high bending and pressure strength & high solidity, it is durable and can be finished as per your requirement. Its rustic appearance makes it most suitable to add warmth to your home interior. Pine flooring is available in different colors to match your home décor.

Solid Teak Flooring:

Because of its unique feature of being warm, solid teak flooring is an ideal choice for rooms. Real Teak flooring gives an elegant look with light yellow-brown sapwood and dark gold-brown wood, which darkens after installation, on the surface mostly to medium or dark brown. It is mainly known for its strength and durability. Having medium bending strength, high solidity, and impact resistance, it is also suitable for shaping.

Solid Teak Flooring Burmese 2 Wooden Flooring
Solid Teak Flooring Burmese 2 Wood Flooring

Moreover, it can be a valuable option for interiors and exterior design.

Easy cleaning and maintenance, teak flooring can be used in shops, bathrooms with protective pads under furniture legs. Solid teak flooring is available in many variations that allow you to select the best match for you.

Solid Ash Flooring:


It is known for its excellent texture. Creamy white to light brown color of ash flooring helps in creating a bright ambiance. It creates a beautiful design with its growth rings. Its strength and elasticity make it one of the most suitable for wood flooring. 

Ash 3 Strip Classic Temperate Wooden Flooring
Temperate Wood Flooring Ash 3 Strip Classic

One of the essential advantages of installing solid ash flooring is that it is optic, beautiful texture and color, high density. It is available in a wide range of grades varying from light to dark, which allows the customization as per your choice.