Bangkirai – Yellow balau

Bangkirai – Yellow balau

Product Description

Emerged from countries like Indonesia, Burma, Thailand & Laos;Bangkirai-Yellow Balau Decking is heavy and durable hardwood comes in varied colours from yellow- brown to olive brown. Bangkirai wood is fine piece with classy texture and has smooth surface. Maintaining yellow balau decking is quite easy and cost effective as it requires oil coating once in a year. Yellow balau decking prices are quite economical and remunerative.

Bangkirai-Yellow Balau wood is used forBangkirai decking, which looks great and enhances the surface.Planning to buy it, is one of the best choice for creating furniture piece and even for outdoors. Yellow balau decking is worthwhile and rewarding as it last longer.

Bangkirai decking is used to build various purposes like ships, boats, flooring, bridges and many more.

It has natural property to resist rust, fire, decay and fungus.The yellow balau decking has a very durable hardwood and offers a very elegant alternative of transforming the outdoors. The bangkirai wood has high oil content that makes it resistant to extreme weather, bugs, and damage from warping or twisting. The recommended accessories required for bangkirai decking are screws, brushes, adjustable feet, and OSMO oils.

Dimensions 25 x 145 x 1800 to 5700 mm in 30 cm +
Grading side Reeded
Country of origin Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Laos
Density 850 –1 155 kg/m³
Moisture 25%
Colouring Yellow-brown to olive-brown
Endurance in exterior Very durable
Surface treatment We recommend OSMO decking oil