Bakit RT


  • Cleans and removes uncured sealant residue
  • Cleans tools, surfaces, etc. from oil, ink, adhesives, grease, etc.
  • Removes oil, sealant – and adhesive stains, grease etc. from hands
Product Description Heavy-duty non-woven wipers impregnated with a liquid formula for removing paint and other associated soils such as inks, adhesives, sealants, oils and greases from hands, tools and general hard surfaces. Substrate preparation Suitable for all non porous surfaces. A preliminary compatibilit test is necessary as some paints and powdercoatings can be affected by Bakit RT. Do not use on porous surface such as untreated wood or natural stone. Processing Remove wet towel from the container and wipe the surface to remove soiling and wet adhesive residue. Soils will be absorbed into the cloth. Allow surface to air dry. Re-seal packaging to retain moisture in remaining wipes.


format Non woven wipers impregnated with a mixture of solvents, biodegradeable non-ionic surfactants and skin emollients
storage Non woven impregnated wipes
Important notices Test the compatibility of this product with all types of painted materials and powdercoatings on a non-visible spot. Packaging
Packaging Item no.
Plastic tub, containing 80 Wipes. 51176
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes and damaged skin. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Do not flush. The aforementioned information, especially the proposals for processing and utilizing our product, is based on our knowledge and experience. We recommend that you carry out your own tests in every case to ensure the suitability of our products for the intended process and processing purposes because of the different materials and the working conditions which lie beyond our area of influence. No liability can be derived from this advice or from verbal advice, unless we are responsible for (criminal) intent or gross negligence in this respect.