Wide range ofSAUNA WOOD

The company AU-MEX was established in 1997 . in the initial years the main activities of the company were selling and marketing high-quality planed material from knot-free alder, aspen, spruce and cedar which is used in the interior finishing of saunas . In years we have expanded our selection of products significantly . Our products can be broadly divided into three: planed material, finished saunas and thermo treated wood .

We can offer sauna materials from hardwood and softwood: infrared and traditional saunas, thermo-treated wall panelling. AU-MEX has extensive experiences in the production of custom made saunas . We also offer sauna components such as doors, platform modules, benches and glued wood products .

AU-MEX is mainly focused on the export market, but we also sell our products via resellers in Czech Republic. Our contractual customers abroad are professional resellers and store chains . AU-MEX has experiences in exporting it’s products to more than 20 countries . Most of them are located in Europe, but one part of our sales market has expanded also to near East .

The modern production technology uses the world’s leading producers Weining, two automated production lines fisher/Paul and system Tm, high-technology thermal treatment devices WTT and CnC wood processing devices. In early 2012 Det norske Veritas (DnV) issued the company isO 9001: 2008 quality management certification . We also possess the international fsC© and PEfC Chain of Custody certifications .

AU-MEX is a supplier who is interested in long-term partnerships . Our purpose is to offer our customers high quality products, reliable customer relationships, constant innovation and solutions that correspond to the needs of the customers .